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Display Turns Off When the Battery is Removed

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Display Turns Off When the Battery is Removed


May 15, 2014


Power & Battery


Display Turns Off When the Battery is Removed



OS Version:

Windows® 7 Professional 64-bit, Windows® 8.1 Pro 64-bit



Why does the display turn off when the battery is removed?


Note: This occurs only if the tablet is not connected to an AC power source.



The display dims to provide a more reliable hot swap of the main battery. If a charged replacement battery is inserted within one minute, the display will resume and the system will return to normal operation.


Moving or sliding the battery latch in preparation for removing the battery will initiate Hot Swap mode, which will cause the display to dim, regardless of whether the main battery is removed. If the battery latch is activated—even if the main battery is not removed—the display will go blank, but it will resume within 10 seconds.


If the battery is removed from the tablet for more than 60 seconds, the system will automatically enter Sleep mode. When this happens, the LED Function buttons will turn off and the power button will start blinking. When a charged battery is installed or AC power is applied, the user will need to press the power button to wake the system and enter his or her login password.


Note: If no main battery is installed in the tablet, the unit will only remain in Sleep mode for approximately one hour. Data may be lost if a charged main battery or AC power are not applied during this time.


If you require further assistance please contact your Motion Service Provider.

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