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Wireless LAN Connectivity Issues

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Wireless LAN Connectivity Issues




Wireless LAN


Wireless LAN Connectivity Issues


Any Motion Tablet PC

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I can not connect to a wireless network.



Here are some items to check if you are experiencing wireless LAN issues:


·         Your R12 may not have located a Wi-Fi network.

1.    From the Start menu, tap Control Panel.

2.    Select Network and Internet.

3.    View your active networks.

4.    If no network is connected, tap Connect to a network and select a network from the list.

·         Wi-Fi must be enabled.

1.    For Windows 7 - Open Motion Dashboard, tap Wireless, and tap the checkbox next to Enable 802.11 Internal Wireless.

2.    For Windows 8 – Swipe in from the right, select Settings, Select the Wireless Icon.

·         You may not have access to the network. Obtain a user name and password from a network administrator.

·         Your tablet’s security settings may prevent a connection. For example, the network may not be broadcasting the network name (SSID) or encryption may be required.

·         Check with your system administrator.


If you require further assistance please contact your Motion Service Provider

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