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CL900: Battery Life

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CL900: Battery Life


June 16, 2011




Battery Life



OS Version:

Windows 7



How can I make the battery charge last longer?



For maximum conservation, you can use the Power saver power plan. See “Selecting a power plan” on page 33 of the CL900 User Guide

Use the Dynamic display setting. This automatically controls the display to conserve power. See “Adjusting the display brightness” on page 26 of the CL900 User Guide

Set the display to the dimmest level you are comfortable with. See “Adjusting the display brightness” on page 26 of the CL900 User Guide

Disconnect any Ethernet connections that are not being used. Disable the wireless adapter and Bluetooth adapter if you are not using them. Disconnect unnecessary USB devices. To disable the adapter, from Windows Start menu, select Motion Computing > Motion Dashboard, tap Wireless and clear the check box next to the Enable Bluetooth wireless.

· Stop unnecessary background applications and processes.



If you require further assistance please contact your Motion Service Provider



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