Barcode : Add a Prefix or Suffix after a scan

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Barcode : Add a Prefix or Suffix after a scan


October 09, 2007




Add a Prefix or Suffix after a scan


Motion Computing C5 Tablet PC with Barcode Reader

OS Version:

Windows XP & Windows Vista



Users sometimes wish to have the barcode reader perform a particular keystroke after scanning a barcode (e.g. a carriage return). Setting up a prefix (preamble) or suffix (postamble) for the C5 barcode reader is indeed possible.



You can use a prefix or postfix to add key codes such as special characters, carriage returns, or tab characters before or after the bar code data. For example, use the following procedure to enable a backslash “\” for the prefix:


Use the following page to determine the hexadecimal value for the key code you want to add


The hexadecimal value for the backslash “\” is E2


1. Start Microsoft Calculator (Start > All Programs > Accessories > Calculator) and select Scientific mode (View > Scientific)

2. Select Hex for the number system

3. Enter E2 (the hexadecimal value for the backslash”\”)




4. Select Dec for the number system to convert the hexadecimal value to decimal. The number 226 appears in the window



NOTE: When using Virtual Key, you must use three digits in the configuration file. If the decimal value is less than three characters, add zeros in front of the number, such as 009.


5. Modify the Intel Healthcare configuration file to include the decimal values.

6. Locate the Intel Healthcare configuration file at





7. Open the file in Notepad or Wordpad.

8. Locate the following section:


/Intel/HealthcareSDK/ToolTray/DefaultButtonHandl er/ButtonHandler.dll/ BC-BarcodePrefix =


9. For BC-BarcodePrefix, enter the decimal value for the appropriate character between the braces ’{ }’ with ‘VK’ in front of the value. For example:


/Intel/HealthcareSDK/ToolTray/DefaultButtonHandler/ButtonHandler.dll/ BC-BarcodePrefix = {VK226}


NOTE: For postfixes, modify the following section: /Intel/HealthcareSDK/ToolTray/DefaultButtonHandl er/ButtonHandler.dll/ BC-BarcodePostfix = {VK226}


10. Save and close IntelHealthcare.cfg.

11. In the notification area, right-click the Intel MCA Application icon and select “Update Configuration”.




If you require further assistance please contact your Motion Service Provider


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Cleveland Clinic, IT Professional - KB Article made it very easy to setup in a silent install/payload package.

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