Software : OmniPass : Fingerprint Reader Setup & Configuration

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Software : OmniPass : Fingerprint Reader Setup & Configuration


March 28, 2007




OmniPass : Fingerprint Reader Setup & Configuration


Motion Computing Tablet PC

OS Version:

Windows XP & Windows Vista



This article provides the resources for learning how to setup and configure the OmniPass enabled fingerprint reader on a Motion Tablet PC.



Motion has provided three excellent resources that explain how to properly setup and configure the OmniPass enabled fingerprint reader on a Motion Computing Tablet PC.


  • The first and best resource is the downloadable user guide for your particular product. All of the user guides contain excellent step-by-step instructions accompanied by screen shots.




  • Another terrific way to learn how to use the fingerprint reader is to watch the downloadable movie clips provided by the Motion Training Team. Each clip provides simple, clear, and easy to understand steps. The videos are available in both a high and low resolution depending on your network connection speed.


· The Help pages within the OmniPass application itself provide easy-to-access information on setting up and configuring the fingerprint reader.



Using Motion OmniPass and the fingerprint reader


Motion OmniPass offers a secure and convenient system for managing your passwords and providing confidentiality for your sensitive data through file encryption.


To start Motion OmniPass


· Double-tap the Motion OmniPass icon in the notification area

· You can also start Motion OmniPass from the Security panel of Motion Dashboard


From the OmniPass Control Center, you can manage OmniPass users and settings (distinct from Windows users), change OmniPass settings, manage passwords, and protect your files. For more information, see the OmniPass Help.


Capturing a fingerprint


After you capture your fingerprints, you can associate the fingerprints with an OmniPass user. This offers a quick and convenient way to log on to your Tablet PC, provides global password management, and helps protect your data from unauthorized access. Use this procedure to enroll a new user and capture a fingerprint for authentication.


To capture a fingerprint


1. Start Motion OmniPass (page 37) and tap Run Enrollment Wizard.

2. Enter the Windows account information for the new user and tap Next. The fields may default to the user name of the current user. If you are prompted to select an authentication device, select Fingerprint Device.

3. In the Choose Finger window, tap on the finger you want to enroll, then tap Next or Practice. Practice allows you to do a trial run of the fingerprint capture.

4. Place the selected finger over the fingerprint reader and slowly drag your finger across the sensor from right to left or left to right. If the capture is successful, a green fingerprint image will appear in the capture area. If the capture is unsuccessful, follow the instructions on the screen to improve the scan. After you have successfully captured your fingerprint, scan your fingerprint one more time for verification.

5. Tap Next, and then tap Yes if you want to enroll a second fingerprint (recommended). If you injure a finger, you can use a second finger to authenticate.



If you require further assistance please contact your Motion Service Provider


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