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Setup Intel Wireless for PreLogon

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Setup Intel Wireless for PreLogon


March 15, 2007




Intel PROSet Pre-Login Configuration


Motion Computing Tablet PC

OS Version:

Windows XP & Windows Vista



The Intel chip set by default will only maintain a connection if a user is logged in. For networks that require the Tablet to connect before the user logs in, or those that prefer a Persistent connection, you will need to install the Intel PROSet Wireless Client.



Once the latest Intel Proset has been downloaded, unzip the package to a location easy to access. Inside the extracted folder will be an autorun.exe, run this to install the Intel Wireless Client. It is important that you choose a custom install as opposed to the typical install, this will allow you to choose to install the Administrator Tool and Cisco extensions.

Once the Intel Proset Client is installed with the proper extensions, next restart should reveal a Intel Proset Icon in your system tray. Right Click this Icon and if it says "Use Intel PROSet/Wireless to manage Wi-Fi" click it, otherwise click "Open Intel PROSet/Wireless"


This will open the Intel PROSet software. to enable prelogon perform the following steps:


1. Click on Tools on the menu bar.

2. Click on Administrator Tool

3. When prompted for a password, enter a unique password that you will remember, it will be how you access the Admin tool in the future.

4. Make sure it is set to Create a new package and hit OK

5. This will provide you with the Administrator tool, click Add to create a new profile.

6. Under Profile Name provide a name for the connection that will allow you to identify the connection easily.

7. Wireless Network Name(SSID) will be the SSID name for your Access Point.

8. Administrator Profile Type needs to be Pre-Logon/Common if you want the machine to connect prior to attempting to authenticate a user on a domain. and Persistent can also be selected to ensure the tablet does not disconnect from the wireless access point when the user logs off it needed.

9. click Next.

10. On the security page configure your security settings per your Access Point's configuration. Once complete hit OK

11. This will create your Profile for use, click Close

12. You will be prompted to Save the changes, select yes to save the changes.

13. You will be provided with a save as box to choose a location to save your profile, this file allows you to copy it to other machines running the Intel PROSet software and execute it to load in all the Access Point information onto that new machine. Save it where you can easily find it.

14. Once it completes saving the package click Finish.

15. On the next page there will be a summary of what was saved, in the lower left corner check the box titled "apply this package to this computer". This will engage your new profile.

16. From the main PROSet window click on profiles, you will see a list of the profiles saved on the tablet as well as the additional features will be shown as icons next to it. remove any other profiles from the list other than your new prelogon profile.

17. Restart the tablet and verify Prelogon is working. Prelogon will display a connection status window after the user puts in their credentials, once this connection completes the user is authenticated, if you do not see this window your pre-logon setup has failed and you will need to clear out the profiles in Intel PROSet and reattempt setup.




If you require further assistance please contact your Motion Service Provider


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